Artist Statement

"Living in the Blue Mountains, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by the immense beauty of the National Park and feel constantly inspired to be creative. Nature is the source of inspiration for all of my artwork.

Painting, for me, is an intuitive process of personal discovery. I love working with colour and texture, line and pattern to create art that I hope will uplift people.”

My work is a poetic exploration of balance and harmony, creating a sense of freedom and playfulness. Colour, form, pattern and texture are interwoven to create her dynamic pieces. My diverse style includes abstracts, landscapes and semi-abstracted native floral and bird paintings.

My work is simultaneously personal and collective, referencing the emotional and spiritual landscape underpinning my work.

My Process

I find a direct correlation between making art and living life. The harder I control the process, the more complex the journey.

An Initial impulse to explore a particular colour palette seen in nature sparks my journey, and then, without a map, I explore, walking in the dark. The practice, then, is to trust my intuitive knowing. And the playful and mysterious unfolding of the work. My challenge, then, is to surrender to the materials continually and to remain present and attuned to allow the mediums to speak for themselves.

I remain open to serendipity that will bring a new aliveness and freshness to the surface.

Like music and poetry, I want to express rhythm, tone, melody, beauty and harmony in a visual expression.